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Since the dawn of the second republic, The Gambia formulated many development strategies to confront its various development challenges. Among these strategies are the Vision 2020 paper and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers I and II the later of which is Millennium Development Goals based. The preparations of these strategic documents were done in participatory manners with Gambian stakeholders and in collaboration with our development partners. We thereupon continued to work with them both in the mobilisation of necessary resources and the assessment and evaluation of the respective programmes and projects. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all such development partners viz. the International Organisations, bilateral government partners and multilateral organisations, religious affiliated organisations and the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).


National Planning Commission

About NPC

The National Planning Commission came into being on 22 December 2006 when the National Assembly passed the bill for its establishment known as the ‘National Planning Commission Act 2006’.

Permanent Secretary

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Mr Abdou Touray

Permanent Secretary MEPID

 Over two and half decades of public sector work experience in development management and practice from district ,regional and central level.